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If you’re picky about cosplaying your body type, then you’ll love this guy!


If you’re picky about cosplaying your body type, then you’ll love this guy!

It’s OK to believe in life after love. Cher if u agree

I can feel something inside me saying it…but I really don’t think it’s strong enough to reblog.

make me choose: carmelilla9 asked beverly crusher or doctor pulaski


Jimmy and Andy Samberg test their movie knowledge in ‘5-Second Summaries’! 

This is seriously one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen.

Wait, I can’t find the “More Often Than I Shower” button.

Wait, I can’t find the “More Often Than I Shower” button.

Dear Men,
If you walk into a room where a girl is eating alone, you should niether (A) laugh or snicker, (B) make a comment about “catching” me or (C) any combination of the above. Why do you assume that I was eating alone to hide it? That assumption suggests that eating is something to be ashamed of or that women aren’t supposed to eat unsupervised because the poor, feeble dears just can’t control themselves and if you don’t police it they might get fat and be less aesthetically pleasing for you. And if a girl is indeed eating alone because she actually *is* ashamed, do you have any idea the damage you’ve just done? Pouring salt in an open wound is an understatement.

I’ve worked long and hard to heal my relationship with food and I still struggle with a severely distorted body image. Luckily, today I was just alone because I was working on the computer during lunch and all I was eating was a protein bar—it could have been so much worse. But I still wanted to cry and punch him in the face. I was so ashamed.

I wanted to scream, “What, you don’t ever eat? Why are you acting like you walked in on me jerking off? If you think women should be ashamed of eating without supervision, you have a problem. And if a woman is already ashamed of eating, she definitely has a problem. Do you point and laugh at a man with a limp? No; that would be making fun of someone’s sickness and that’s rude. Well a mind is part of your body, asshat, and if she is ashamed of eating, she is sick. Don’t you DARE complain about how annoying it is that women don’t eat and that they’re self-conscious when I’ve heard you talking about how other women are fat behind their backs and speculating about their eating habits.”

Just to summarize, even if you walk into a room and find a girl frantically trying to wipe the chocolate sundae she’s been eating out of a kiddee pool off her face that has actually sprouted a pig snout, you should NOT tease them. Think before you speak, guys. Thank you. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Hi, may I speak to John?
At least 4 people a day who call the switchboard at my office of 500 employees



How Does Your Favorite Star Trek Series Fare on the Bechdel Test?


I posted a version of this once but …. I worship Captain Janeway and will forever point out that Voyager kicked ass on this test.

Boom, Muthafucka! You’ve been Janewayed!


My two favourite Reds

I love that 2 of the best-written characters on television right now have the same nickname I do! I can only hope this is a harbinger of my rapidly approaching success.

And now for the part of the night when you realize it’s 2am and you’ve spent the last 4 hours watching Kate Mulgrew say brilliant things in 2-3 minute increments on YouTube. Sleep? Bah! Humbug!

One of the best sitcom exchanges of all time. it’s a paraphrase of an alleged Winston Churchill quote…but this can be screencapped!


Do not, I mean it, Do not imagine your OTP in the kitchen cooking breakfast together, one standing at the stove as the other is hugging them from behind, resting their heads on the back of their neck and stealing sleepy kisses. I promise this will cause fluffy-cuteness overload and it’s not good for your health.

When one is a bitchass/dumbass and attempts to correct me about something factual, they should make sure they know without ANY doubt whatsoever (A) exactly what it is they’re correcting me about and (B) that they are indeed right.

Otherwise, I will take absolute DELIGHT in pwning your soul. In public. In such a sweet and innocent manner that you look like an even bigger asshat than you tried to be. This you’d do well to remember, all you shitlicking cuntfaced cocksucking know-it-all brats.

PS I’m not talking to anyone on here.

What’s in a name? That which we call a chicken by any other name would taste as smart.

Maybe I’m totally late to this party but guess what I just learned!

The word “galina” in Latin means “chicken”. Reznikov is a derivative of the surname Reznik, which means “butcher”. Red’s full name literally means “chicken butcher”.

Jenji Kohan totally pulled another JK…a Rowling.


starfleet be like: *justin timberlake voice* take it to the bridge